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Hallmark Collection Diffuser Kit (40ml)

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Indulge your senses with the Natural Ritual Diffuser Set from Hallmark Design Collection Home Fragrances. Refreshing green notes and pure aquatic notes add many layers to this delightful floral-fruity aroma, which is sure to charm you. Our diffuser sets are simple and effective. They are safe to use with no open flame, smoke or dripping wax.

Room Fragrance

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- Available in 4 unique blends in 40ml bottles 
- Its pleasing blend of fragrance releases three-scented 'notes'
  The Top Note is the initial scent when applied, followed by the Heart Note and ends with the lingering Base Note
- Refreshes the room
- Safe diffuser set with no open flame, smoke or dripping wax

Directions to use: 
Remove the protection cap and replace the silver top
Insert the reed sticks into the bottle
Leave the bottle open with the sticks inserted
The fragrance will bloom within 24 hours
For best result, flip the reeds once a week to release the aroma

Essential Fragrance of floral, green grass, citrus, and aquatic, APV and other non-alcoholic solvents.