Hallmark Comfy Pillows

Sleep well with Hallmark comfy pillows ranging from feather downs and nano-fibre filling. Choose the right support for better sleep tonight.

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Standard Size RM199

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2 FOR RM99 Sleep soundly with this Microtech Fiber Filled Loft pillow, boasting a gel-like microfibre core for ultimate support and exceptional comfort. Affordable comfort for better sleep every night.

Standard Size  RM300


Sleep soundly with this Deluxe Gel Filled Loft pillow, boasting a gel liked microfibre core for ultimate support and exceptional comfort. Finished with luxurious 300 TC cotton sateen cover. Great value for your money.

Standard Size  RM351


This Hallmark premium pillow is filled with selected quality fiber that are resilient and fluffy. Within its contoured chamber, the fibers were calibrated with precisely-measured densities, The resulting pillows provides just the right balance of support and firmness in 2 scales: Soft and Medium Firm.

Standard Size  RM499


This is a perfect pillow for those who need goose down comfort with firm neck support. There are 2 chambers within. Inner chamber filled with 90% white duck feather and 10% white duck down. Outer chamber filled with 50% feathers and 50% downs for superior comfort.

Standard Size  RM599


This Hallmark pillow is extra luxurious for the discerning customer. Clad in pure cotton fabric, it is filled with a blend of silk in its upper and lower chambers with added Microtech fiber in between for the ultimate comfort. Feel its smooth sateen finish befitting of a five-star hotel as you drift to a wonderful night sleep. 

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